The Canadian cannabis market is poised to have a major effect overall on country’s economy. One study from Deloitte Private pegged the potential economic impact of legalized recreational cannabis in Canada at more than $22 billion, including transportation, licensing fees and security.

On February 5, 2018 the BC Provincial Government announced decisions on public consumption, retail sales model, and personal cultivation. In BC, the Province has determined it will allow personal cultivation, some public consumption of vaped and smoked cannabis, and outlined a model for retail sales. Like most other provinces and territories BC is raising the minimum age to possess, purchase, and consume cannabis to 19 years old.

BC has a government-run wholesale distribution model. The BC Liquor Distribution Branch (LDB) is the wholesale distributor of non-medical cannabis in B.C. however, the retail model is a combination of both public and private retail. British Columbians from across the province can also purchase non-medical cannabis from the LDB’s online BC Cannabis Store.

Municipalities have the ability to ban private retail operations or further limit the nature and scope of these operations depending on their municipal bylaws and regulations.

British Columbia allows micro-cultivation (up to 200 square metres canopy space) and micro-processing (600 kg dried flower equivalents per year). As of October 2022, Health Canada had issued 78 micro-business licenses.

As of March 2023, 234 federal license holders, including 78 micro-business licenses, and 468 cannabis retail licenses have been issued including 112 licenses to businesses throughout Vancouver.

Data collected by Statistics Canada show that retail sales in British Columbia reached about $43 million in December 2020, then decreased to $37 million in March 2021 and exceeded $50 million in October. Total sales reached over $550 million in 2021 and 2022 brought in $670 million, peaking in December at over $63 million.

According to Arcview projections, British Columbia legal cannabis market will reach almost C$1 billion in annual sales by 2024, with about C$940 million recreational sales.

British Columbia Cannabis Market Infographics

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